Chileda Logo

Chileda Brochure

When working with Chileda I was apart of a group creating work such as a logo, flyer’s and brochure. I was given the brochure to design up for the client Chileda. As a group we decided to keep the font and colors similar to one another to keep it all cohesive. When I designed the brochure I wanted to keep the design fresh and modern. I think that the look

Poster Project- Dissecting Vitruvian Man

With this project we were assigned to create artwork for the student writer’s projects. I received the piece called Dissecting Vitruvian Man since it was such a long piece I wanted to showcase the work and keep the artwork simplistic to really just compliment their work. So doing some research on my own and consistently seeing the similar artwork I went alongside and drew something similar and then found a

Child Passenger Safety Logo

Child Passenger Safety Logo

Working along with a few other first year students we were given a client who we would create a logo for and I received the La Crosse County Health Department Car Seat Safety Program. This was my first ever logo design and out of the other six student’s my logo design was chosen and is being used to represent the program today. I am so happy with how it turned

Choka U Gym Logo

Choka U Gym

I’ve worked with Choka U Gym the most outside of school creating up flyers, business cards, as well as new gym patches for the front of the Jiu-Jitsu gi’s. Here is some of my work with them. With this client I have really gotten to create some fun creations.

Princess P Designs WI logo

Princess P Designs WI

Princess P Designs WI is a small business I had the pleasure working with in updating their logo. I truly appreciate being able to work along side such a fun business who really offers a lot and being able to create up a logo that represents Princess P Designs well.

Wild Bearies Logo

Wild Bearies

Being able to work with Wild Bearies and creating a new logo design was fun. Wild Bearies is an Indigenous cuisine company that wanted to keep the design simple along with a floral design. I believe that we were able to capture the fun and keep it unique for Wild Bearies.