Gym Rules

Parents/Guests House Rules

  1. Respect Class Time
  2. Silence all electronics
  3. Limit Disruptions
  4. Please limit loud speaking during CLASS
  5. No Food or Drink (Unless Capped)
  6. No Coaching or Sideline involvement
  7. No speaking to students during training

All Students House Rules

  1. Maintain good hygiene. Finger and toe nails must be kept clean and neatly trimmed (Dot it at home, not at the Gym) for everyone’s safety* Keep feet clean, dirty feet on the Mat will be tolerated*
  2. Respect all instructors, Respect, your fellow practitioners and remember we all have everyday lives to live, we are not here to hurt each other in training
  3. BULLYING will not be tolerated.
  4. No Food allowed in the Gym area (please keep it in the office area) or drink (unless capped)
  5. No shoes, food, or drinks on the Mat at all times (Flip Flops/Sandals must be worn at all times outside of the training mats)*
  6. To receive class credit, sign-in prior to class
  7. Use the Dressing room to change. The gym floor is not an open area for you to change into or out of your training gear. *( Not everyone wants to see you change)
  8. All jewelry must be removed
  9. Training gear, GI’s and personal items must be kept in the Dressing Room. Valuables should be left at home or in your locked vehicles. * We will not be responsible for lost or stolen items, this is not an invitation for stiky fingers.
  10. Uniforms must be clean and well maintained
  11. A “Carlson Gracie” patch must be displayed on uniforms
  12. Keep the training room and dressing room clean: Respect the space you occupy
  13. No FOUL language, we are a family friendly environment
  14. We are a drug, alcohol, and tobacco free academy
  15. Bow upon entering & exiting the Mat area
  16. Be focused, attentive, & motivated for class
  17. Raise your hand and wait to be called upon if you have a question. If you need to leave the mate, raise your hand for permission
  18. No screaming or rough housing prior to or during class
  19. Be prompt- if you are late, wait by the edge of the mat until permission is given by the instructor to enter
  20. Inform instructors of any illness, injuries, or skin anomalies; open wounds should be covered by bandage(s).

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